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SOLUCON is a management consultancy operating primarily in the UK.

We are typically invited into projects through personal recommendation, so if you have heard of us this is likely to be as the result of a conversation with someone who has worked with us in the past.

Our relationships and projects are typically of a discreet and confidential nature and we do not, therefore, offer a list of clients, case studies or projects for review.

The direct operational experience within SOLUCON covers:

  •    Line marketing management in household cleaning and detergents, beer, spirits (to Marketing Director/SVP level)

  •    On-premise and grocery in UK markets, western European markets, North America

  •    Multiple international brand re-positionings, advertising campaigns and full marketing mix re-launches

  •    Strategic marketing, portfolio rationalisation, corporate strategy, business planning, business integration, joint ventures

  •    Business start-up through to mature operation of dealerships

  •    Retail management (merchandising, buying, store design, start-up and development)

  •    Market research (qualitative)

In addition to the business sectors noted above, our management consultancy projects have covered industrial software, customer management and business relocation.

We do not enter into formal competitive pitches, although we are more than happy to meet with prospective clients to discuss potential projects and project scope prior to any engagement.

Our operational style is pragmatic, proactive and results-oriented.

We may be contacted via e-mail at

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